Long training run for Zion. This is my longest run ever and I must say I was intimidated by the mileage, before I ran it. I loved those miles 🙂 The run called for a combined 50 minutes of warm up and cool down, with 80 minutes at race pace (which certainly wouldn’t be some of you speedier folks race pace).

My running partner and I set out to hit the Whatcom county roads. What a gorgeous and perfect run, with miles just slipping by. The Garmin has proven to be my new best friend as when I have run before, i’ve always run too fast, which of course then makes me crash, slowing down my overall times and exhausting me. With the Garmin I feel corralled by a herding dog into my correct pacing times, and damn that works well. Since the pacer uses a beeping sound it also kept my running partner corralled as well: she is built like a gazelle and I, like a bear, so I’ve always been the verbal reminder to slow down feeling like I’m plodding along next to her lovely trot. Today I felt I could pace her and we were completely in sync. What a treat.

Along with the misty/rainy foothills of the Cascades and barns full of milking cows (who would all look up from their eating hay to watch us run by…completely funny), we both decided it was our best run yet. 


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