My knee is not doing too hot. Such a ridiculous fall that started this, nothing spectacular about it, and in fact not exactly sure how it happened. The knee was getting better before my Saturday long run; Sunday’s run returned to pain with mostly each step, varying between a dull awareness and pinching that nearly stopped me in my tracks. Crap.
Zion is in less than 7 weeks. I’m icing and using ibuprofen, even gave in and made a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow morning (that took a couple of friends to make happen). I fear being told this is going to stop me. I don’t want to stop and, in fact, I fear stopping.
Love the knee, pat and massage the knee, promise it whatever she wants as long as she will allow me to use her gently in the deserts of Utah come March….. And a bunch of gentle loving miles before that.


Run, hot tub, eat, nap, eat.

7 more weeks to Zion. Today was my longest run, ever. I’m aiming for a run at 11 minutes a mile for the half marathon. Today included a 25 minute warm in and 25 minute cool down at 12-12:20 a mile, I and an hour and a half at 11-11:10. Gratefully the temps were in the 50’s, no wind, but it rained the entire run and we were drenched; that much rain makes for squishy steps and a couple of extra pounds of water. Pooped me and my running partner out, so we crashed in the hot tub for an hour 🙂 (it might have been an hour and a half, we had a lot to talk about)
No knee pain until 8 miles in and nothing bad enough that postural correction couldn’t fix (at least until the last mile, then I was tired and I just don’t think I could hold the correction). Happy note: the cows were all feeding again and as we ran by, moo’d at us. Yup, I am no longer a city girl.
I Love the Adidas Supernova glide! They feel really basic, no extra support features, with a lot of cush. Shoe addict, that I can be, just received a new pair of Mizuno’s in the mail today. Here’s to hoping that I have another pair of winners.

I brought up to my running bud, who will be running Zion with me and it is both of our first half’s, the question of whether it will feel anticlimactic to run 13 miles as part of our training? She reminded me that we won’t be running the 13 miles at elevation or in Utah so I should get over it. Zion will still be our official first half marathon. That just made me worry about elevation running. 

Going out for Mexican food, no long run tomorrow means cheese tonight!

5 things

I was tagged by   for this sharing, let’s see how it turns out, shall we?

1. I was not physically active in my life on any consistent basis until my mid-40’s. Do I regret this? Deeply, as I feel that I haven’t lived my life fully without it. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many (possibly only several) 3-6 month stints of going to the gym or trying to start running. Something changed in my brain this time as I began running and conquering my brain and my body. This journey started off with the intent of becoming more in shape to hike in the mountains (out of breath, please let me stop, was my mantra). It’s become a way of life that has led to wonderful mountain hikes, team races with friends, planning a half tri, a half marathon in Zion (bucket list), and knowing that at some point I will run a full marathon. I love the strength of my body and my brain.

2. I live in the Pacific Northwest, having moved here nearly 21 years ago from Minneapolis, MN. Before I moved I swore I would never want to live somewhere smaller, I was a city girl through and through. Then a friend invited me to look at this area with her as she was going to move either here, Bellingham, WA, or Seattle. My life was not in a good space so I thought, “okey dokey”. I fell in love with Bellingham, pop. 67.000 (at the time, it’s now around 85,000). A land where people looked at you and said “hello” as you passed on the street. I was 28, it was the best decision I ever made, as I finally found myself and bloomed.

3. I write most of my tumblr entries while I’m in the bathtub, following runs.

4. I love the water and if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I’d like to return as a sea otter or a seal. On tired days, i’d like to return as a whale, though: a huge, slow Grey Whale. 

5. I’m a therapist, mental health is my game. I have also been a massage therapist but let go of that license as I became too tired to lay hands on any person’s injured muscles after I started to work as a mental health counselor. They’d feel great after receiving the work, I would walk away with their injury. Ooops. I am passionate about working with persons with chronic mental health issues, so have worked in a non-profit community mental health care center for 16 years. I love how the brain works….totally fascinates me…. and I feel honored that people let me step into their lives, their thought processes, and let me wander around helping them to sort things out.

Instead of tagging people, I’d love to invite anyone who has not done this to share a little of who they are with us all.

This moment

I’m grateful i finally got to run again this morning. Still a little knee pain here and there as I definitely damaged something a little bit (that’s me being optimistic or in denial, you pick) in my knee when I took my slow-mo fall on Tuesday. It wasn’t enough discomfort, or too long, to not run, but it did impede my ability to cross my legs while sitting in a meeting today :/ I took the weekend off from running – barely even checked into Tumblr as I was green eyed and sulking. Any hoo….was a good 6 mile tempo run with increasing speed with each interval (not intentionally, but pleasantly).

Ran in my new Adidas, nice ride. We’ll see how they do over time and on longer runs. Naughty me found another pair of running shoes on Finishline.com, 60% off, Mizuno Wave Creation 15. I actually have a pair of the 13’s but never used them to run, just liked the fact that they are hunting orange and freak people out a little with their intensity when I wear them. I’ll try this last pair and see what works best. I’m starting to think that I just like cushy soft shoes, but my body does significantly better in firmer shoes (my best long run shoes are Salomon XR Missions). 

How many pairs of shoes did you go through until you found your wonderland?


My graceful, slow motion, fall that I succumbed to Tuesday morning has led to a hurting knee :/  Possible that I shouldn’t have jumped up and pursued a 6 mile tempo run on it Tuesday, but it felt okay while running….so I at least know that I didn’t do anything too spectacular to it. Thursday’s run was a bit different; every step of 6 miles hurt on some level. No significant swelling, no sharp pain, no instability, just like i bruised the bone possibly? I’ve decided I’ll have to take a few days off, including my long run tomorrow. (insert pissy face here)

I did return to the scene of the fall to try and sort out how it happened…..clumsiness was all I could come up with. (continued pissy face)

I’m having a difficult time right now in other areas of my life and running is the one thing I can control and feel strong in. Even poor runs feel better than no run. It’ll be tough to keep myself down and especially tough because my new shoes came in the mail last night. These feel like they’re going to rock my running world: Adidas Supernova Glide 6. If you’re looking for a well cushioned shoe, these are dreamy. My feet are really wide and the uppers have stretchy material to accommodate. I have high hopes. The only oddity is that they remind me of the saddle shoes I had in 4th grade.